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Guide: How to Create & Use Free + Premium Snapchat

When I first started using Snapchat years ago, things were a lot different back then. What I mean, is that back then, you could only login to your Snapchat account with one account. As someone with a personal life and a public-facing life, I had two different snapchat accounts. I hated switching between the two. Most guides I found online for the concept of a "Premium Snapchat" were great starting points written by Cam Girls mostly. At that time I only had one phone and it was a pain in the ass to constantly be logging in and out, switching between the two. I was not a Cam Girl back then, but I definitely learned a lot from them! With switching between accounts, there may or may not have been a time where I drunkly posted tits to the WRONG PROFILE. Whoops. Sorry mom. :)

Now a days, you can switch easily between different accounts on the same device. Thank goodness. Snapchat also allows you to limit who can view your content (everybody or just your "friends" list) and it allows you to limit who can contact you, aka message you (everybody or just your "friends" list.) Those are the two main controls you can use to run a free or public facing snapchat and a private premium snapchat from the same account. No more switching between different promotion accounts! Yay! (A second solution to multiple accounts is multiple phones but not everyone can afford or even wants multiple devices. It's overwhelming for sure!) Another great feature is the Snapchat version of "FaceTime" - this way it doesn't matter what devices we have, you can do a virtual session within the Snapchat app itself.

You may be wondering how much to charge, but I will get to that later. For now the focus in the settings. This guide is short and sweet. I am going to show you how to adjust your account settings to best engage with Free/Public Facing Snapchat and Premium Snapchat. Once you know those things, everything else comes with creativity and flexibility. Your Free or Premium Snapchat account can be whatever you want it to be. Just post consistently and the rest will follow. This is just the Official Unofficial Guide to Free & Premium Snapchat.

BE AWARE: Snapchat is not a S3x W0rk friendly social app. What you post, what links you attach, who sees what your posts are - these are things that are reportable or automatically suspend your account. If you choose to charge for a Premium Snapchat account, PRO TIP - keep a master list of those who paid or are currently in good standing. People you'd be really upset to lose contact with. When your account is suspended, your friends and followers are not alerted. It'll just seem like you don't post any more. It will be confusing. And rebuilding SUCKS. So just becareful about your posts. You never know who's watching and who might want to cause your downfall. (Not only can your accounts get suspended, your device can get suspended if you lose too many accounts on it. Nobody wants to have to keep buying new phones!)

How to Run a Free & Premium Snapchat Account:

First, create your account. You will use this account for both your free posts and your premium posts. The key distinction is limiting who can see what. Second, Encourage people to follow you and add your account, but do not add them back. It's nothing personal, it's business. Literally. Next, Whenever you make a post, you will either post it to "My Story" which all of your followers can see while it's up, both paid and non-paid can see it. Or you will post it to "My Story: Friends Only Story." A person becomes your friend when you add them back. And that is how you separate and limit the VIP Subscribers from the Freeloaders. (We still love the freeloaders!) Do not add anyone as a "friend" if they have not paid your Premium Snapchat fee. Also, do not post about it being a Premium Snapchat for sale - it is reportable. Be creative with your posts and encouragement to get your followers to become your VIP Premium fans. Personally, I only allow my "friends" to contact me so anyone who wants to become a subscriber has to email or text me to subscribe. But that is for our next section - SETTINGS.

Settings - this is where all the quick and easy stuff happens. But make sure you looked it over to make sure it's set the way you want it. Or the way I want it - as this guide was written by me.

Go into your settings:

- See my location: ONLY ME

- View my Story: Everyone

- Contact me: Everyone

- See me in quick add - YES

- Send me notifications - My friends

These are the perfect settings for creating a Free & Premium Snapchat from the same account. You sell access to the Premium Content: the client sends the money and you add them as a friend. Then, when they're added as a friend, they can respond to your posts and see your private post whereas the freeloaders will never even know what you posted on your private story.

After someone becomes a subscriber, you can do more than just real-time daily (or whatever frequency you choose - just be consistent) posts, pictures, and videos. If you create a "New Private Story" then you can create smaller niche groups of people who appreciate certain types of posts. For example. let's say you offer water sports videos. You can create a private story just for whenever you decide to create that type of content. The active subscriber (not the freeloaders) can be added to the new private story and whenever you post they will be able to see the content. I like to use this feature in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's fetish, sometimes it's "Hey Im going to Lollapolooza. Tip me $10 for a drink and to come with me to the festival!" Then all my snaps for that day will be just for those few select subscribers who pay for the extra story. It's all up to you on how you want to show off your vibes. Frequently encourage your freeloaders to subscribe by letting them know about different content you have going on. But remember NOT to use attach any links to your posts. I know it's an available option but it could easily get your account suspended. We don't want or need that!

Now to the next question on everyone's mind - How much should I charge? It's truly up to you. I've seen two basic pricing strategies: (1) monthly fee or (2) lifetime fee. Most online-only girls do monthly fees, it keeps their earnings up. Most escorts and companions do one-time lifetime fees. Personally, I do one-time lifetime fee. I've had some fans for years. It's kinda cool and humbling once snapchat becomes apart of your daily routine. As far as the FEE itself, I've seen lifetime fees anywhere from $20-$50 typically. But it is truly up to whatever you decide. I offer Snapchat at $50 lifetime fee, sometimes I give it to my favorite big spender clients for free, sometimes I offer flash sales for Snapchat to my OnlyFans Subscribers. But you can structure it however you want. This is just how I do it. Also, when it comes to payment, I accept CashApp (LEAVE THE NOTE BLANK) and Amazon Giftcards. I have, however, accepted cash during in-person meets.

I would like to gently remind clients and fans - subscribing to someone's Premium Snapchat is just the first step. This is our livelihood so we continue to depend on you, our fans and clients, to continue to tip and sponsor different things while you watch and enjoy our Premium Content. It's like going to the bar and only drinking water or going to the strip club and only paying the door fee - nobody likes a fun sucker! lol I'm serious, lets have fun and keep it jovial while also feeling sexy and naughty at the same time. The more you give, the more you get. It's our nature. We're givers!

That's it folks! That's the basics of creating and using a Free and Premium Snapchat account to stay in touch with your fans and clients. Hope you enjoyed. Have fun! :)

Follow me on Snapchat! Everybody welcome. Men, Women, Clients, Fans, SWers, The Curious, The Lovely, All are welcome to view for free or subscribe for more intimate access.

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