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New Alcohol Policy

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Hello Sexy Besties! I am trying a few things out and one of the changes I'm making is in regards to drinking! Water or Uber!! Alcohol commonly plays a role in dates - Lets meet at the bar! or I bought a bottle of your favorite Champagne! Both of which I love but I've decided I want to drink less during dates generally. Now, if we want to plan a night of indulgence - I am still happy to participate! We just need to arrange an uber so I'm not drinking and driving - especially for dinner dates. You are more than welcome to gift me a bottle of my favorite adult beverages to take home for my collection. But ultimately I am cutting back on having a few glasses during dates. You are more than welcome drink. When it comes to substances, I just ask that you remain in control.

Thanks for being a total babe about this!

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