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New Snapchat Account! June 2023

Hi besties!

You may have noticed that I have not been posting on snapchat lately. Well, my account got suspended! And it won't let me have it back. I was really upset when it was suspended. I take this personally because I love being able to connect with you every day. I REALLY MISSED YOU! Both my subscribers and my freeloaders. I miss you all.

Anyways, I had a personal trip to NYC planned and instead of letting my deleted account ruin my life *being dramatic lol* I decided to focus on having a great time in NYC and dealing with a new snapchat account upon my return. (I need to do a lot upon my return! I have hella emails and texts on my phone. Oof, give me grace.)

Without further ado, my new snapchat account is @MissHeatherChi

- My chat will be open for a week or two so I can add all my subscribers back. Just message me and I'll probably recognize your name. (I actually do pay attention to you, even the silent ones!)

- Once my snapchat is up and going, I'll make chats private again and you'll have to email me or text me to subscribe or be added with proof of subscription!

- All freeloaders may continue to freeload. love you all toooo!

Also - Don't forget about Detroit this week! Pre-Announcing an Indy tour for July! :)

Love always, H

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