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Planning for Retirement

One of the best lessons I've learned through my experiences is some grasp of financial literacy, both currently and planning for the future. It was something I honestly never through about. I figured I'd marry rich or die without retirement (like being a Walmart greeter lol). I did not consider I had retirement savings opportunities, I wish I had know earlier!

A few years ago I opened a Roth IRA. I do my best to max it out every year. I don't have a lot saved for my old age but I'm working on saving and learning how to invest. It won't be enough for me to retire fully but I'm super proud of myself for opening an account and saving for my future!

If you're the financial type, I'd love to talk stocks with you sometime. Maybe over dinner? You can teach me. I'm a quick learner and a great listener. And don't worry, I'm not planning on retiring any time soon. ;)

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