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Erotic Monkey: Oh the platform that so many girls pretend to hate but it's actually a really good place to meet new clients. It's because it's "trashy" but I like it a little trashy around here. Too much snobbery is bad for the soul. And around here - we're all about happiness and stress relief! I may be pretty but I'm also pretty cool. ;)

Tryst: Everyone uses Tryst and so do I! There are currently no reviews or forums on the platform but I do enjoy using it. I appreciate the ability to upload all sorts of photos and my bio is rather complete and full. Check it out!

P411: Preffered411 Is my favorite website to use. I feel like the quality of dates is just higher. Maybe it's because the gentlemen have to pay to subscribe to the service and they take it more serious. I dont know but I'm typically very happy with my P411 suitors. If you are not yet a P411 member. you can use the link on my front page and if we've met before, I will vouch for you to become a member.

Private Delights: While PD is not used very much in Chicago, I like to maintain a profile on it because some men travel from out of state and maybe they use PD where they live. It seems to be very popular on the West Coast, not so much Chicago.

I chose to leave my TER (TheEroticReview) review off this blog piece because there's just inaccurate information on there. These sites I posted, I have some control over the information provided plus I can add my photos. But TER is 100% a client controlled industry forum. Currently my rates & incall information is inaccurate - which is making some people upset because they come to rely on TER to be accurate. I cannot fix or change it.

My recommendation to anyone is to "do your research" and check things like rates or location on the providers website or compare to her other ads. All my ads have the same pricing and location information. TER is inaccurate. I welcome positive reviews on TER but I do not rely on it for accuracy. Please double check before reaching out. I am not lowering my rates because TER is not correct. I know a lot of girls delisted from the website but I think if it's used correctly, TER can be a good place for us both.

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