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Fetish, Kink, & BDSM

Heather Riley - Professional Switch


I am a professional switch. That means that when I'm with a partner, I naturally fall into the missing piece. If my partner is romantic, I am romantic. If my partner is dominate, I am naturally submissive. If my partner is submissive, I am naturally dominate. I enjoy being a "switch" and the creative places and scenes it allows me to explore.

Fetish Sessions Start at $800 an hour.


Pick Your Own Adventure

This Experience is all about you. (If I so happen to enjoy myself along the way, so be it!) Allow yourself to enjoy an evening of the Girlfriend Experience, get hot and heavy with the Porn Star Experience, or Book a Few Hours to Explore Your Fantasies, whether you are dominant, submissive, or exploring new human experiences. Life is too short to deny oneself - unless denial is your kink. ;)

Meet The Team


Do You Crave Hedonism? Indulge Yourself.

The wonderful world of fetish, kinky, and the BDSM lifestyle and community is limitless. Similar to my special bag of toys, it is forever growing and changing into something more exciting. Allow my images, toys, outfits, and fantasies to take over your imagination and let us discover your wildest desires. I love to Role Play, to explore new and experienced ways of playing, and to wear sexy or casual outfits, whichever fits your naughty unfulfilled desires.

For new & familiar lifestyle clients and friends, I appreciate new additions to my expanding collection of tools & toys.

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