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Heather Riley's

Policies. Read thoroughly.
Agreement Required and Assumed when booking.


Manners, Respect, and Communication are expected during any and all interactions.

Good Hygiene is Sexy. Please be freshly showered, clean hands, trim your nails, and keep your bits neat & tidy. Do not use Dude Wipes! Real showers, please.

Incalls will always have option to shower before and after.

Screening form must be filled out honestly and completely. I will not chase you for screening information if you intentionally leave out details. Email me from the same email used in your screening form for me to screen you after.


Gifts are appreciated but not required.

(A tiny bit expected.)


Are you a lover boy?

Visit my wishlist to flirt with me

or Sponsor a new Lingerie Set



200+ Positive Reviews!

Chicago's Elite Top VIP Companion

Exclusive FMTY Travel Companion


Non-Graphic Reviews preferred.

Permission before posting appreciated.
P411 Okay's TER EM PD & Small Forum Reviews, etc.


Outcall Deposits Appreciated but not always Required
unless otherwise Requested via CashApp.
Deposits non-refundable.

Incall Deposits Required in 
to secure your time
 and so I can secure the hotel.
Monthly Incalls are announced in advance
so you can book early and confirm the incall.

If you have any interest in an upcoming incall at all,
please let me know so I can be ready for you!
Sometimes I get no prebook so I don't get the hotel.
Then a ton of same day inquiries come through that
I can no longer accommodate because I didn't get the room.
It's a silly cycle. If you're looking, start booking!

Deposits Paid Via:

Deposits Non-refundable
May Be Applied to Reschedule within 6 Months
Unless it was spent on a hotel specifically for you.
Then neither of us is getting it back for anything.

FMTY - Travel Companion:
To book a FMTY or travel companion booking to your city or on your next vacation, the Flight ticket and hotel reservations considered deposit.
Send me the funds via CashApp so I can book my own flight
I am also comfortable putting the hotel in my name
if that's a concern for you.
The balance is due upon arrival to our trip, not after.

Sponsored Tour - Traveling Companion:
To sponsor a tour to your area, I require a flight ticket, hotel accommodation, and 1 hour minimum booking. In return, I will give you extra time with me while I enjoy your city. Flight ticket, hotel reservations considered deposit. Email me your idea and Send me the funds via CashApp so I can book my own flight. I am also comfortable putting the hotel in my name if that's a concern for you. The balance is due upon arrival to our trip.


Should a Cancellation happen for any reason, I will require a Cancellation Fee. It must be sent promptly via CashApp in order to reschedule in the future. I will not chase you for a cancellation fee because you know it is agreed upon in advance of booking.

Cancellation fee applies to new friends & only friends alike.
Be respectful and send the fee. See you next time!

24+ Hours Notice: 50% Rate
Same Day: 100% Rate

via CashApp:

*Failure to pay Cancellation Fee results in Bad Client Status, Blacklisted, Blocked
Apology Fee + Past Due Cancellation Fee required to Rebook


My fee is due at the beginning of the date, not after.
Please put cash in an envelope, a card. a book, a gift, in a bouquet of flowers, bottle of champagne, etc.
You can be creative!

in the Mail or CashApp only.
No Zelle, No Venmo, No PayPal, No ApplePay, Don't Ask

2024 Rates
are Firm & Non-Negotiabl

Official Rate Increase January 1, 2025

Clients in Good Standing:
Visit in 2024 to get Grandfathered
in at current rates!

Clients NOT in Good Standing:
$1000 Apology Fee
Additionally, Must book 4 Hour Dinner date
in 2024 to be Grandfathered in at current rates.

Set Price Required for all Duos & Trios.

Apology Fee Applies to Clients in Bad Standing
Clients in bad standing may pay a $1000 apology fee to regain good standing and have access to me. If I'm not responding to your texts, you're blocked and must email me. 


I do not accept references as part of screening.

If you wish to use me as a reference 
you must do the

First, you must ask me for permission to use me as a reference. P
rovide me all the information of who will be receiving it so I can verify they are legitimate. Wait for an affirmative "yes" response. Text for quickest response.
*Do NOT hand out my information to anyone without my consent.

Second, we must have met within the last 6 months
or I cannot verify you as a safe client or
account for the type of person you are.
No reference will be given.

**Unless you made one hell of an impressive effort
on an unforgettable extended date or two.**

Third, you must Pay $100 Reference Fee
via CashApp $TigerLuxe

No Venmo, No Zelle, No PayPal, No Giftcards, No OF Tips

Fourth, After all conditions are met
you may email my Name, Email, Website, Social Media,
& AdLinks to the next provider to get a positive reference. Send me an email with her information so I can verify her.

I will look out for her email and respond quickly.

Fifth, If you have been given permission to use me as a reference, do not abuse the privilege.
Use me as a reference ONCE. 

Do not send my information as a reference
to multiple providers. That is inappropriate.
I will decline giving the references, I will keep the reference fee, and you will be considered a client in Bad Standing.

You will be blocked & ignored until you
pay the Apology Fee.


I will not provide a reference & decline knowing you.
I ignore surprise reference requests.
I will no longer accept you as a client in good standing.

Should you wish to regain Good Client status
with me and book with me again:

Apology Fee Applies.
That's an expensive mistake.
I would hate for that to happen.
I am willing to give you an opportunity
to become a client in good standing
once again and book time with me.

It's never too late to reconnect.

Follow the detailed process for best results.
Be safe, have fun, and I'll see you again if you're worthy.

I do not currently accept references as a screening option.
I always like when you send it so I can see your type.

I screen with real world information and my intuition.

Old friends, even if it's been a few months or if it's been  a few years, if you're already screened please reach out when you're ready to reconnect. You're still welcome here!

New friends are expected to submit introductory emails
with their booking requests. If you submitted a screening form, you must send a follow up email to get noticed. The screening form is not a booking form.
I only discuss
bookings via email.

Screening: I may ask your name,

a picture of your ID, a picture of your with your ID,
your work badge or 
business card,
your active social media accounts.

I need to verify you are the wonderful guy you claim to be.

Much like the bouncer at a bar, I don't care who you are or where you live or when your birthday is: 
I just need to see your ID to make sure you're valid.
I don't care what's actually on it.
I've seen like a million of them, it's not that serious. 

If you pass screening but something feels off on my end during our conversation or gets weird about our upcoming date, I always trust my gut and will cancel our future date.
If made a misunderstanding, please be soft and gentle with me and explain the situation so that I no longer feel at unease. While choosing new friends to spend time with, it's important that I feel good about coming over and being alone with you. I don't like the strange feeling you're hiding something. Let's just be cool & upfront from the beginning.

I'm a very curious, non-judgmental personopenminded, care free type who loves listening. It's not that I care but I am very interested, especially if you bring it up. I don't shy away from sensitive topics. I have heard the most unbelievable things. Don't be afraid to lay all your cards out on the table. I have the most unique and interesting access to people. People tell me everything. I have met every type of person imaginable. It's very cool. People are the most interesting creatures.
I love to talk and ask lots of questions meeting new friends.

But after all the fun flirty niceties:

When we're finally together...
Tell me things you've never said out loud.
I want to be the first to hear you say it.
There's no topic you can't share with me.
I'm a fantastic conversationalist and great listener.
Total judgment free zone. Tell me everything.

If you do not get a response to your email or text,
You are not being rejected as a client and you should not take it as a bad sign. Especially if your inquiry is
time sensitive!
Do not hesitate to send a follow up email or text. You will not be bothering me at all. Sometimes I just fall behind in a wellmeaning way. I'm not ignoring you or denying your booking request. I simply haven't been on ny email in a few days.
 I'm much quicker to text back than to email back.

Again, Do NOT Consider "No Response" as not interested 
or as a rejection. If the opportunity is missed, don't hesitate to reach out again in the future. Sometimes it takes a few attempts for the stars to align for the perfect booking experience.

Do not give up unless expressly told "NO" to find someone else.
I promise I still want you! Our time together will come.

You did not fail screening. We just missed each other.
Probably was totally my fault.
Try, try again! Please?

BUT If you fail to meet screening criteria
you will be directly notified that we are not a match
you will be unable to book with me

If you're lucky, you can still subscribe to my OnlyFans.
Or follow me on social media as a Supportive Fan.

Failed, But you still genuinely want my attention??
start shopping my wishlists
sponsor photos from my recent two photoshoots
send cashapps to cover my frequent sponsorship posts
send me "just because" HoneyBirdette giftcards
sponsor a full spa day so I can just relax
treat me to gifts from luxylist

If you become a sweet, giving, and generous man without knowing if he'll ever get "anything back" - how could I possibly ignore you
if you continue to support me and fund my lifestyle
and *not *give you a real second chance?

Earn the right for a second chance - prove I misjudged you.

Giving consistently shows you're worthy of my consideration.
Make my life fabulous by providing for me.
you want whats best and for me to be happy.
I'll guarantee you'll get the second chance your desire.

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