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3 Dates in 24 Hours

Let me tell you about 3 dates I had in 24 hours.

The first date was a pleasant surprise. The second date was a steamy, passionate, hungry, insatiable tryst. The third date was a special fetish session I was looking forward to particularly. It was a fun 3 dates in 24 hours. I love the variety in my life. No two days - and no two dates - are ever the same.

The First Date

The First Date was a pleasant surprise. Our initial contact was 4-6 weeks before our date. There was much fliting, much excitement, but there was a long time until our date. When the day came, I way underestimated the time and totally messed up. What I had hopped to be a late afternoon meet turned into a much much much later than expected meet. I was nervous he was going to cancel or be mad at me. And you know what? He absolutely was not upset and he aboslutely did not cancel. He was my age, handsome, he had a really stylish home, and the most gorgeous dog I’ve ever met! Oh, I’m such a sucker for client pets! We had a wonerful, easy time. We finished doggystyle looking at ourselves in a mirror because I’m a little freaky like that. I came just from looking at myself and watching myself. It was a pleasant surpise.

The Second Date

The second date was a steamy, passionate, hungry, insatiable tryst. This man was tall, handsome, and definately hungry for me. His every touch was electifying. The passion one orgasmic blur, one after another. He left me breathless and I wanted more. It was hard to ask him to leave. He didn’t want to go. But both had other obligations to attend. When he left, he kissed me on the forehead and “Don’t have too much fun with the next guy.” And I said, “ I won’t, I’m going to fvck him in the ass.” He laughed and hugged me saying, “Thats the best thing you could have said to me. Thank you.” We both laughed, but it was true. I love the freedom to be so candid. He texted me after he left saying, “You are absolutely wonderful! I need to figure out how to stay with you longer. Thank you for the inner smile you gave me.” And later that night. “…and I still can’t stop thinking about you!” Trust me, the passion is received, enjoyed, and reciprocated!

The Third Date

The third date was a special fetish session I was looking forward to particularly. He had graciously sent $$$$ ahead of time so I could purchase a new strap on harness and two new strap attachments. He was super respectful of my time and non-demanding even though he had already paid a large sum of money for the fetish wear. When he arrived, he was clean and neat, quite the gentleman. I was dressed in a black body suit, black YSL leather heels, and two soft black bags dangling from my hand. It was sensual, erotic, our bodies were in sync with each other, my hands and thighs pressed against him. It is truly my pleasure to bring you pleasure however you fantazie and desire.

These are three dates I had within 24 hours. Some days I have more dates, some dates I have less dates. Some days I have one long engagement. But that was a fun 24 hours and small slice of life for you to enjoy.

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