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April Chicago Incall & Quick Updates for Everyone!

Hey sexy friends!

I have been experimenting with my hotel incalls the last few months. Hosting 1 day a month has not been great with clients prebooking appts. I experimented with 4 incalls in different locations around the city to see if changing location would positively impact my schedule. Offering 4 incalls all around downtown Chicago & the suburbs did not do anything and I ended up canceling each one. That is a major bummer! I absolutely hate having to cancel an incall. Clients have always been so good about prebooking incalls in the past. I don't know why I'm suddenly having a hard time hosting incalls! (You guys didn't even have fun with my "Side Chick Day" Incall, I thought that was fun, sexy, and creative!)

I'm way too sexy and accommodating to be having incall issues but here we are.

Two New Experimental Ideas:

  • host once or twice a month from a hotel with decreased rates, no GFE, no kissing, no affection, no getting to know each other, just quick and affordable half hour & 1 hour rates. No extending or overstaying. Deposits still required. In & out. All business.

  • host daily from private location with increased rates when booked outside of my hotel incall. it will be cheaper for you to buy us a hotel room but if you're looking for same day last minute incall availability with no flexibility, I will consider daily incall requests on an individual basis. Deposits still required. No multi-hour dates. Daytime only.

  • Same old offer: I'll get the hotel for incall if you book multiple hours!

  • Other old offer: I'll get the hotel for incall for 1h bookings if you add the hotel cost to my fee.

I am currently accepting outcall requests for April, May, & June. I'm currently offering dinner dates for 4 hours but I really believe it should be 6 hours. The weather is perfect for Baseball Dates. Summer concerts and music festivals are coming up. I would love to collect new Michelin Stars this year. I have not been to the spa in a while. I am overdue for a fun night out in Chicago! I have been having a lot of requests for the adult pool hotels! Please keep booking me at Sybaris. I am making so much content and having a blast. More more Sybaris!

I do not have an April incall set up. If I offer, it will be toward the end of the month so PLEASE prebook when you see the announcement! It will likely be the "cheap rate offer" I'm experimenting with. If you prefer regular GFE incall dates, that can be arranged. However, too many people promise to book me soon with no follow up. I am absolutely too sexy.

I had a great week last week but this week is empty and I am sooooo bored. I don't even have my socials anymore. Clients, come get your d*ck sucked. 🤣 Baby girl needs some attention! We can be cool or we can get wild.

In other terrible news, I lost both my Twitter account & my Snapchat account. It's going to take a lot of time and work to get new accounts on both. I need to make a new account at the library for Twitter and replace my device for Snapchat. It's going to be a painful experience for a while. Please make sure you're subscribed to my OnlyFans, Instagram, & Telegram.

I had such a fun weekend at Exxxotica, everything was going well, and suddenly the shit hit the fan. I keep bumping my ads on ad sites but it doesn't bring in inquiries like social media does. This is my pity post! I cannot believe so many people follow me from account to account, year after year, just reporting my content until it comes down. What a terrible use of a life.

The rest of April is available for dates every day so let's get off our handsome butts and book some time with me this week or next! I have so much plent of sexual energy. If you haven't seen me recently, you have not seen me and it's time to change that! Make your happiness a priority. 💋

Encouraging long distance clients and friends to book a Fly Me To You this spring & summer for an exciting 24 hours together!

MINNIEAPOLIS, DETROIT, INDY - I've been trying to tour your area. Reach out to set up a sponsored tour so I can finally see all these men who want me to come! So many invites but we can't seem to get a schedule together. Baby, let me love you!

Don't forget - Subscribe to my fansites, shop my wishlist, and send a tip! New month, new sends! 💖

Too far away? Ask for virtual services menu!

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