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“How can a client have good hygiene?” Q&A with a High End Provider

Saving the World one Question at a time: How can guys have good hygiene? (Submitted via Reddit)

Shower immediately before your appointment. I do not care if you showered after work or earlier in the morning. You must shower within the time it takes me to get to your place or upon arrival if I’m hosting. 🛁 If you choose to shower upon arrival, it is part of your session time. Your session doesn’t start after you shower. If you’d like to include a post-release shower with me, your companion, then make sure to budget enough time at the end of your date to get soapy together. 🕘 Be mindful of getting my face & hair wet. I am having fun in the shower with you but I am not actually having a full shower to clean my hair or anything. Be mindful of using up towels, as well. It’s very limited in use! ⚠️ If you leave poop stains on the bed, I will not say anything during session. But if you don’t send me a $1000 tip for shitting the bed, do not expect to book with me again. I never forget a grown man who poops in the bed! 🥴

Trim, file, buffer your nails. Manicure & pedicure highly recommended for men. 💅🏽 If you scratch me I will redrum you! 🫵🏽

Pubic Hair. 🪒🧴 I don’t care if it will make your partner suspicious, trim that bush up. Shave it off if you can. Pubic hair should go. All the way to the balls. (Your dick will look better in pictures, bonus!) If you’re bold, wax your ass crack, too. No one likes a stray pube in the mouth or a “how long has that been there there?!” dingleberry. 😯

Please: brush your teeth, gargle mouth wash, & lotion up.🧴

Dude wipes are gross. No wet wipe baths. 👎🏽

I WEAR PERFUME. You must tell me the day before not to wear it if you are sensitive, allergic, or otherwise. If you don’t warn me, I’ll arrive wearing it. 🤧 I also have two cats & a dog. Benadryl for allergies before meeting encouraged.

Hope that helps! 💋 H

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Wow, sad that personal hygiene has to be discussed. WTF guys take a freaking shower. Y’all are quick to complain on the boards about women who aren’t freshly showered before a date and you won’t even wipe your ass.

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