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BangGang Details :)

I really appreciate how much initial feed backpack I got regarding the Christmas GangBang: Mrs. Clause & All her naughty helpers on December 17 at 7pm! There's a few questions coming to me so I thought I'd write a little follow-up to my previous post. This way we're all on the same page. Gangbangs are supposed to be fun! Follow these general rules and guidelines to ensure a good experience.

First: Interested?

Interested in attending a GangBang? You may as either a "Watcher" or a "Participant." A "Watcher" is someone who attends the event to watch but doesn't participate in the gangbang itself. A "Participant" is someone who actively participates in the gangbang in some form or another.

Once you decide which role is right for you, send me an email and be prepared to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit, regardless if youre going to come as a Watcher or a Participant. The remainder of the fee will be due upon arrival. Don't be afraid to pay in full ahead of time.


Watcher - $250

Participant - $500

Everyone who pays the deposit fee via Cashapp at $TigerLuxe will recieve an email the day before the gangbang with details about where the gangbang will be hosted. So please pay your deposit ASAP to be included. I don't want any one to be left out. All are welcome - men, women, and couples may attend!

Second: The GangBang - The Event:

The day before the gangbang, I will send out an email to those with paid deposits about where to go for the event. The Gangbang will be December 17 at 7pm, please be there between 6:45pm-7pm. I anticipate the gang bang to last 2-3 hours. Please arrive freshly showered and perfectly clean out of respect for all parties. The hotel will have a shower if you need to shower afterwards but towels will be limited.

I will provide drinks, snacks, and plenty of condoms. This is suposed to be a fun event and gangbangs are a bit of a team sport. Sure, some guys attend and leave as soon as they cum (which is perfectly fine) but its best when people stay and work together. I will have plenty of condoms and plenty of lube so the fun never has to end except for water breaks!

If you want to be a doll, bring me a bottle of my favorite wine (The Prisoner, Red Blend) or champagne (Veuve) to start the celebration off. And if you'd like BYOB.

Third: Afterwards

After the gang bang is over (or if you cum early), you may leave a new man. Like I said, the hotel has a shower but the towels will be limited. It'll be 10pm or so when we're done so I'm sure you'll be hungry but theres no place open that late for dinner near the hotel. The end of a gangbang is like the end of a good party. Everyone is now suddely friends and we're all sitting around reminicing about what just happened. But there's no pressure to stay and no other activities plan post gangbang. (If this were an afternoon gangbang, we could all go out for drinks after!)


You may leave a positive review regarding the gangbang on local boards. The more interest I get and the more followers I get for GangBang fetishes, the more I will offer more frequently! I think it would be fun to film a gangbang for OnlyFans or PornHub. But this even will probably be film-free, unless its me filming myself only.

That's the general information regarding my gangbang events! Hope this answers most questions. Anything else you may email and ask.

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