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Hey, It's Been a While

Updated: Feb 17

Hey friends, I just wanted to say thank you for subscribing to my website & my emails. Your ongoing support to my sexy little life means an awful lot to me.

You signed up for a reason - it's time to take the next steps

to make that reason happen. You, me, a few hours to ourselves.

Are you excited? Do you feel a little tingle? Good.


Whether if we've already met or not, whether you're an online fan or a silent admirer,

I appreciate you all for being here. The friendship, laughter, and intimacy we've shared has been good for my soul. Now, if you haven't set your first date or if it's been a while since we've last connected, please reach out and lets get together to enjoy each others company while the night is young and the weather is gorgeous.


I am still based full time in Chicago but I am available for

FMTY's on Weekends and Summer 2024


Hope to see you soon and glad to have you here!


Heather Riley

Chicago's Elite VIP Companion


follow me on twitter: @thebrunchgirl


This is a copy of a new email that will be sent to subscribers who haven't visited my website in a while. With all the recent updates, I'd love for you to check out all the pages and organization of my newly updated website and tell me what you think. Happy to fix grammatical & spelling errors if you see any. Also welcome to feedback about additional pages or content you'd prefer to see on my website as a fan or client. I do not think the email above will trigger for any preexisting subscribers. So I wanted to make this message public and encourage anyone from my past to reach out and book with me soon. I'd love to catch up! Your presence is missed. Start with wine, end with me?

Panties optional, Dessert is not. 🧁

Playful yours, Heather Riley

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