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New Snapchat Account!

You may have been missing me on Snapchat recently. Whether you're a Premium Subscriber or one of my favorite Freeloaders, please add my NEW Snapchat Account. Premium Members - please DM me with proof of payment. Freeloaders who want to become Premium Subscribers, it's a $50 one-time fee via CashApp. I'll leave my DM's open for a few weeks to give everyone an opportunity to reconnect.

Remember the following Dates

for November & December:

Please refer to the following general calendars

for booking purposes:

I am so thankful for all the new and familiar faces reaching out for dates. I highly encourage lunch and dinner dates as the holidays approach but I understand we all have our limitations. Tips and gifts are always appreciate but never expected. I will be posting Heather Riley's Christmas Wishlist that will include Amazon + Designer options. Lord knows I've been both naughty and nice this year. I intend to keep on being both through the new year of 2024!

Please prebook your spot at the Nov and Dec incalls via email or text asap. Do not wait until the last minute.

I think I'm device banned on twitter and snapchat. A new phone may be in my future, Until then, please add the snapchat account above and follow me on instagram and Telegram!

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