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November Newsletter


My November Calendar is live! I am currently accepting dates for all of November (and December.) I am hosting INCALL Nov 8-9. I am also considering hosting Incall again Nov 21-22 right before Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, I'm available for a quickie during the holidays! I am still getting back to all the fun emails about the *Christmas GangBang*. It's going to be a great night, and not at all silent. And last but not least - I am offering one date for New Years Eve. Spend New Years Eve with me: you bring the champagne, I'll make you see fireworks.

Email or text to book your November tryst with me! Perhaps we're overdue to reconnect or maybe you've been waiting for the right moment.

Email & be deposit ready for the GangBang.

Couples Welcome!

Make sure you pay attention to the website popup for the latest details.

I always keep it up-to-date!

Lastly, if you follow either my Snapchat or Instagram, you may have seen an announcement about my rates increasing in 2025! All clients in good standing will be Grandfathered-In at my current rates. This gives everyone a little over a year to book their first date with me to get grandfathered in at my current rates. This gives the outoftowners a chance to visit Chicago to see me or Fly-Me-To-You wherever you are! (Fully accepting Summer 2024 trips and vacations in advance.)

If you're not following my Snapchat and Instagram - why not? (I kid!)

But in all seriousness please do follow my social media accounts and my telegram channel so you don't miss an update or last minute availability. I've been posting photos from my new shoot with IL Sensual - I hope you get a chance to check the photos out. I am also scheduling another photoshoot with Black Lotus in a few weeks - I'm really excited to work with her. I recently did an amateur photoshoot and will be posting the super sexy and fun photos to my OnlyFans account so make sure you're subscribed (or resubscribe!) I've been having a lot of fun with my OnlyFans account and I hope you are, too.

And on one final note, I am looking for my next 4 P411 Okays. I am so close to such a crazy milestone for me personally. If you're a current P411 member, please book with me ASAP! Let this be your sign! If you're not a P411 member, you join the website and I will vouch for you! (Use the link/image on the first page of my website!) I am just tingling on the edge of my seat waiting for these four future suitors! LFG

Heather Riley - the crazy sexy kinky bombshell of Chicago!

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