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The Cutest *NEW* Travel Companion

I recently adopted the sweetest fur baby. Her name is Jules, after Jules Verne, writer. Phonetically, Sounds like Jewels. Perfect name for a perfect little cutie! Jules is a mini golden doodle. She has tons of energy, loves to play, and in her free time she poops in my kitchen. We’re working on the last one. If you tried to see me over the Christmas holiday, I was a totally distracted by the newest addition to the Riley Crew!

How are the Riley cats adjusting to their new sister? Let’s just say it a process. 🤣 Luxe will sit in the same room as Jules without bothering her and likes licking up some of her treats. No real interactions beyond mutual existance. Tiger, on the other hand, is not okay with having a dog sister. She sits on the lower steps or on low furniture, locks eyes on Jules, and growls/hisses at her. 😅 I’m sure in a few months things will be the different. Or maybe it will be much of the same. The day they all get along or take a nap together, I’ll be telling everyone “how cuuute!” 😉 Trust and believe.

Jules came with me on my tour to Detroit. She was great in the car and fabulous at the hotel. She made a lot of friends and the staff loved her. She even had her first Pup Cup from Starbucks! She barked while I was ordering coffee and basically ordered it for herself. It was adorable. We had a great trip. Thank you to every one who made my Detroit trip fun & memorable! I will be back in a few months for sure!

Here’s a few pictures from our trip. If you love puppies, especially mine, and want to show some love - Jules would love a giftcard to for toys & treats! ❤️

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